Custom Power Transformer by EPD

Custom Power Transformer by EPD

EPD® provides such a large number of power transformers, power inductors, electronics filters, power chokes and other electronic components, that the quickest and easiest way to see if we have electronic components available to fit your needs, or if we can design them or manufacture them for you, is to contact us or call us.

General List of Electronics Components

Power Transformers and Control Transformers to 150KVA, single and three phase(Transformer Design capabilities to 250KVA)


Amplifier Transformers
Audio Transformers
Chokes (DC Current Capability)
Current Transformers
Custom Transformer Designs
Custom Transformers
Cut Core Transformers
Ferrite Transformers
Filament Transformers
Flyback Transformers
Hybrid Transformers
Impedance Matching Transformers
Input Transformers
Output Transformers
Plate Transformers
Power Transformers
Pulse Transformers
Switching Transformers
Toroid Inductors
Toroid Transformers

Construction Methods

Air Cores

Distributed Gap Cores

Double Section Bobbins
EE Core
EI Core
Ferrite Core
PM Core
Printed Circuit Mounting
RM Core
Single Phase
Single Section Bobbin
Steel Core
Three Phase
Toroid Core
Universal Wound

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