A Proud American Businessman

An Immigrant. A Tax Payer. A Marine. A Citizen. A Proud American. My Daddy. A Business Owner.

These are all milestones that made my Dad who he is today. Each one of these he accomplished through a personal decision, hard work, and dedication NOT through government intervention. Even his Citizenship required jumping though hoops including passing a test and providing documentation. He was granted Citizenship only AFTER GIVING the US Government 3 1/2 years of his life as a Marine. While this is only one path to citizenship, it required commitment and dedication and developed a very strong sense of Pride in his new country.

I am very proud of my Daddy, for everything that he has done, for everything he has built and for standing up for his beliefs. Thank you for your service to your country, your faith in a higher power and your ability to still see the good in people no matter what life hands you.